Pizza Somasca

The pizza called "Somasca" is a tasty combination of ingredients that will delight the most demanding palates. The crispy pizza base is enriched with a generous helping of porcini mushrooms, which add an earthy, robust flavor. Gorgonzola cheese, with its creaminess and characteristic strong flavour, pairs perfectly with mushrooms, creating a harmony of flavours. Buffalo mozzarella, with its soft texture and delicate taste, adds a note of freshness to the pizza. Finally, the capers, with their salty and slightly spicy flavour, complete the picture, adding a touch of liveliness and contrast. This combination of ingredients creates a pizza that is a true triumph of flavors, perfect to satisfy even the most refined palates.

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Tomato Sauce


Porcini mushrooms


Buffalo mozzarella


Calories: approximately 250-300 calories per 100 grams of pizza
Fat: approximately 10-15 grams, of which 4-6 grams are saturated
Carbohydrates: approximately 25-30 grams
Protein: approximately 10-15 grams
Sodium: approximately 500-600 milligrams

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