Grilled ribeye steak

The grilled scottona rib is a tasty and succulent dish prepared with scottona meat, i.e. young beef of a bovine breed. Scottona is known for its softness and delicate flavor. To prepare the grilled rib, the meat is cut into large pieces, marinated with spices and seasonings to taste, then cooked on the grill until it is cooked properly. The result is succulent and tender meat, with a delicious external crust that makes every bite a tasty and satisfying experience. This dish is often accompanied by side dishes such as roast potatoes, grilled vegetables or a mixed salad.

Category: Second dishes Cooking Duration: 10/15 min. Tags: #Lasfinge #Ristorante #Scottona #Somasca #Vercurago #cooking #grill #meat #succulent #tasty #young veal
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  • Grilled Scottona rib

Calories: approximately 250-300 kcal
Protein: approximately 20-25 grams
Fat: approximately 15-20 grams (of which approximately 6-8 grams are saturated)
Sodium: varies depending on the salt added during preparation, usually less than 1000 mg per 100 grams

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