Mix Salad

A vibrant combination of colors and flavors come together in our mixed salad, enriched with juicy diced tomatoes, crunchy grated carrots, sweet corn kernels and juicy black olives. A riot of freshness and nutrients, perfect to accompany any main course or to be enjoyed alone as a light and healthy dish. The simplicity of the ingredients marries harmoniously with a light vinaigrette, which enhances every flavor and transforms every bite into a delicious experience. An explosion of taste that satisfies both the palate and the eyes.

Category: Side Dishes Cooking Duration: 2/3 min. Tags: #Fresh #Lasfinge #Mixed salad #Olives #Ristorante #Somasca #Vercurago #carrots #colourful #corn #main course #side dish #tasty #tomato
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Fresh tomatoes, diced
Carrots, grated or julienned
Sweet corn, fresh or canned, drained
Black olives, pitted and cut into slices or rounds

For 100 grams of mixed salad without dressing:

Calories: approximately 50-70 kcal
Fat: approximately 1-3 grams
Carbohydrates: approximately 8-12 grams
Protein: approximately 1-2 grams
Fibers: approximately 2-3 grams

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